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rant #1: people who jack your swag and aren’t afraid to flaunt it 

let’s face it: originality is dead. if you haven’t figured it out yet, you as an individual are a product of other people’s ideas and opinions. approximately 80% of your entire personality comes from certain experiences and others who fill the space around you. i hate to burst your bubble if you think otherwise, but that’s darwinism for you. it’s probably safe to say that there really isn’t much that’s completely “original” anymore. welcome to the twenty-first century. 

as for the roleplay world, sometimes things sway a little differently. let’s say you want to make a brand new game - whether it be hollywood based, bandom based, summer camp, asylum, etc. the basic foundation is always the same. you want members to join, and you want them to stay. in order to keep them you might dish up a little drama in the hopes that maybe you’ll make friends (or occasionally find a long-term roleplaying partner) - am i right? more importantly, you’re there to have fun! at least i hope so. otherwise, what the hell are you doing?

i don’t know about you, but if i spend several hours, days, or even weeks working on a character and their biography, a RPG, a plot, etc. making sure it’s perfect, it pisses me the fuck off to find out that someone has stolen it. word for word. yeah sure, i get over it in a matter of minutes, because i remember that it’s the internet and i’m too nice to function, but it’s still frustrating. especially when it continues to happen over and over and over. in fact, on more than one occasion someone (and by someone i mean four or five) has stolen a writing sample from an old application of mine - pasted it into their own form - and then submitted it for my roleplay. ha. ha. hahaha. i got a good laugh out of it, don’t worry, but i couldn’t help but wonder: the e n t i r e time it took you to hunt for that sample, copy and paste it, change the names around, and then fill out the rest of the audition - would it not have been more fulfilling to just write your own? maybe not. but i bet whoever you wound up doing a scene/para’ing with was severely disappointed. 

this brings me to another topic. character descriptions. those witty little blurbs on the sidebar. yeah. all of them pretty much aim for the same thing. especially in bandom roleplays. it usually goes something like this: name, age, where they live, what they do, miscellaneous info, and probably a sly joke or cunning anecdote. roleplaying is about creativity, is it not? you all come here to write, because you’re good at it. well, some of you. all i can do is shake my head at people who join a roleplay, and literally copy the same sidebar description - changing only the name - and actually expect to mingle with the other players. i won’t name names, and i’m not trying to point fingers, but there’s one player in general that literally takes everything nearly word for word - all the way down to the same face claim. and then, get this, has the audacity to post an ‘ooc’ entry about how ‘unoriginal people are these days’. you know who you are. i mean sure, we all make mistakes and yada yada. but if there’s one thing that pisses a roleplayer off more than anything, it’s petty theft. 

i guess i’m going to go ahead and tie this up, but i just really needed to get that off my chest. the next time you right click, copy, and paste - just make sure you’re prepared for backlash. because once someone in the RPG world has it out for you, it’s extremely hard to come back toward the light. 

it doesn’t hurt to check out once in awhile. 

- xoxo 

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